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Right now, at this moment, there is a guy out there somewhere who is scrambling around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to figure out what to do with his date for Valentine’s Day. Or even worse, he is still looking for a date. I’ve come to the conclusion no one is impartial about Valentine’s Day and people’s opinion of this indoctrinated Hallmark holiday is subjective to their romantic standing on February 14th. If you’re single and alone one year you despise it, and if you’re really into someone you love it!

Either way, Valentine’s Day seems to cause more stress in people’s lives than it should. Here are a few V-Day scenarios you might be facing this year while trying to figure out your plan of action for the 14th. Then I am going to tell you how you should be spending the day that has been designated to love.

Scenario 1. You are a traditional guy who is used to traditional dating. If you have a date for V-Day you always do it up Hallmark style. You make dinner reservations early to ensure dining at a nice restaurant. You have flowers ordered and ready to hand when you pick up your date on her doorstep. You have a Hallmark card and chocolates in tow as a traditional gesture. You picked out a gift of perfume, or the like, in hopes of dazzling her with your generosity. And, of course, you have after dinner tickets for the theatre or a comedy club to ensure that you have all of your bases covered.

Boring! Predictable! Expensive! That’s just plain insane, and all for what? This traditional guy is rolling the dice with a $300 night in hopes that he did all the right things so he has a shot at getting lucky. Or even worse, he wants to make a good impression. Well if you ask me that is a lot of stress, time, effort and planning all just for a roll of the dice. Save that kind of date for when you’re deep into a relationship or marriage and not for a stranger who could very well be dating the rest of Denver.

Scenario 2. You have no date and you are going to get together with some buddies to troll around for other dateless women in hopes of a random broken heart hookup. This actually isn’t that bad an idea if you’re experienced at this kind of thing and finding romance isn’t a factor. You are just looking for a casual fling. The downfall is if you come up empty on your mission, February 15th may just leave you with a hangover and memories of getting shot down by every woman at the bar who sniffed out your desperation. I’d rather sit at home alone and turn to self-denial than drain that kind of energy from my body.

Scenario 3. You’re a last minute guy and you’re a mixture between scenario one and two. You don’t have a date yet, but you’re desperately trying. You’re tapping into every resource you have — online dating, exes, old flings, heck you’ll go out with your third cousin if she’s available. You’ll come up with a date and now the scramble is to try and find a table at any restaurant. It’s so close to V-day that any place good is booked up and the only reservations they have left are at four in the afternoon at the table closest to the restrooms. I get anxiety even thinking about this scenario. I used to be this guy and believe me when I tell you that is an exhausting feeling and the juice was never worth the squeeze.

Like I said, I was that guy. That guy lived in me many moons ago but he was me at one point nonetheless. Valentine’s Day always threw me a curve ball whether I was in a relationship or not. I always hated the day because it felt forced on me. It just seemed like I was trying to go through the motions of what society told me V-Day should be like instead of knowing its true meaning. So I dug deeper and learned the history of Valentine’s Day and the true meaning behind it. A celebration of love!
Not necessarily being in love or the search for love, but the essence of love and celebrating that it exists, it’s out there somewhere, for everyone.

Let me give you the short version of the history of Valentine’s Day so you can better understand my plea to you. Valentine’s Day, or the Feast of St. Valentine, dates back to the Roman Empire when a dude named Valentinus was jailed for marrying people. At the time, it was important to Roman Emperor Claudius II to have an army of men free from emotional attachments. He accomplished this by disallowing them to have wives or children, making marriage illegal. While Valentinus awaited his execution in prison he passed love notes to the jailer’s daughter (that’s where the whole Valentine’s Day card thing came from) and subsequently they fell in love. Now that’s love. They wanted each other so badly and never had contact, not so much as a kiss. But they fell deeply in love knowing Valentinus’ fate — death, in the name of love. Valentinus wanted people to use his day of death in celebration of the notion of love.

That’s what you need to do this Valentine’s Day, celebrate that love exists and take the pressure off yourself. As my gift to you, Denver and Valentinus, I want you to join me for Cupid’s Flirt and Tell on Valentine’s Day. Friday, February 14th, you are invited to my Valentine’s Day celebration at the Warwick Hotel, 1776 Grant St. at 9 p.m. for a party that will make good old Valentinus glow with pride. Everything you could ever want will be there, plenty of Denver singles, amazing food and drinks, a killer D.J. for dancing, intimate lounges, big prizes, love games and your pal, the Sheik. All you have to do to get in to this amazing event and on my guest list is email me at Can’t wait to see you at the Warwick Hotel on Valentine’s Day! And who knows? You might meet someone special while you’re celebrating love…



Here is the Facebook event page if you want more info!


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